What Can an East Lyme, CT, Smart Home Do for You?

east lyme ct smart home technologyAt this point, nearly everyone knows what a smart phone is, but not everyone understands what we mean when we’re talking about a East Lyme, CT, smart home. Simply put, a smart home is one that utilizes today’s incredible technology to automate or otherwise simplify your life. Just like a smart phone can have different apps that perform different types of functions, a smart home can be customized to do a variety of tasks of your choosing.

What Types of Tasks Can a East Lyme, CT, Smart Home Perform?

#1 – Lighting Control

Imagine being able to turn your house lights on and off from your smart phone – or set an automated schedule for them from your computer. Not only can this help to deter burglars when you aren’t home, it can also be a great way to save money on your electric bill.

Plus, if you have kids who always forget to turn off the lights, consider linking a motion detector that automatically turns lights on and off when someone enters or exits the room.

#2 – Smart Thermostat

With the incredible advancements of smart thermostats, you can do even more than control the temperature from your phone. Today’s thermostats can even track your typical routine and preferred temperatures at different times of the day, and they’ll eventually match your changing preferences without you having to do a thing!

As with lighting control, you can also link your thermostat to motion sensors for an extra way to save money on your electric bill.

#3 – Keyless Door Locks

Gone are the days of lock outs and lost keys! With today’s keyless door locks, you can access your house with the swipe of card or even simply a tap of your smart phone. You can also remotely unlock your house from your phone. Did your child get locked out? No problem! A push of the button, and they’re safely inside.

Keyless door locks are also a fantastic way to give access to your home to house cleaners or other service providers without having to give them an actual key. That means you never need to change your locks if a key goes missing, too!

Learn About These and Many More East Lyme, CT, Smart Home Features from Integrated Security Solutions

These three examples of smart home technology barely scratch the surface of what your home can do. From automated window shades to surveillance cameras to humidity detectors and more, the ways your phone can connect to your home continue to improve every day.

The information in this article is meant for educational purposes only. If you are interested in learning more about smart home technology in East Lyme, CT, call Integrated Security Solutions of Oakdale, CT, at 860.442.2626.

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